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Friday, March 11, 2005

So, What's Spyware

Here's another column from the Washington Post. In this one, David Pogue defines spyware for us. For those of us in the daily confrontation, we know what spyware is. Many of the students are asking for help at home.

My recommendations, by site and package:
The latter is your preferred browser, use it in preference to Internet Explorer. The first two are "spyware" blockers. Our network support firm thinks M/S anti-spyware, while in beta, may start charging in the fall. All are currently free. Using Firefox for the students internet experience is working for us, and fewer are complaining about the speed and pop-ups. Most have learned to recognize and accept the homeland-security-esque MS popups: orange, green, red, and blue, as help, rather than hindrence.

The readily remembered key is REd = REmove and BLue = BLock. I rather suspect this was intentional on the part of some clever designer. Thank you!


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